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The Collingwood Youth Centre

The Environment Network
Proudly Manages and Supports the Collingwood Youth Centre

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Our Involvement:
In 2017, The Environment Network partnered with Elephant Thoughts to revitalize and renovate the Collingwood Youth Centre. As part of this initiative, we collaborated with the Town of Collingwood, the Centre for Business & Economic Development, the Rotary Club, and Ray Smith to create a hub of activity for youth in Collingwood. 

Our Contribution:
As part of our involvement, The Environment Network has been provided many generous grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help renovate, manage and run programming at the Collingwood Youth Centre. The Environment Network is very thankful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for all of their funding.

Our Mission at the Youth Centre:
Our goal, in collaboration with Elephant Thoughts, Rotary Club of Collingwood-South Georgian Bay, the Town of Collingwood, and Ray Smith, is to provide valuable and effective programming to youth in Collingwood free of charge, in order to help develop and strengthen social and emotional strengths. 

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